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What will your teen learn this summer?

Humanity's Special Forces

Introducing: JumpstartHero Summer's Cool for Teens!

Eight lessons over eight weeks that teach caring, compassion, and how to get in the fire service ALL ONLINE!

Courses designed to prepare teenagers for careers in 911 curated by experienced firefighters.

High school is the best time to get a jumpstart on preparing for a career in the fire service.
Getting hired as a firefighter is tough. It requires life skills ironed-out over years.
If only it were a simple "test day gone right."

Our series was designed to bring your child far beyond memorizing flash cards or guessing interview questions: our videos lift, inspire and motivate.

Lessons are Step-By-Step and utilize revolutionary techniques found to increase retention and improve understanding.

Step 1- Class Summary "Quick Run" (podcast-style)

Step 2- Video Lecture (Pecha-Kucha-style)

Step 3- Hero To-Do (homework)

"A safe way for teens to learn discipline and safety online"

Help them gain a foundation for real-world experiences and develop lasting Hero Habits.

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Lesson-links get emailed every week for 8 weeks beginning in June.

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