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What are your best steps for entering
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Become A Firefighter with Captain Dave

Eight lessons, emailed, over 8 weeks

Learn how to get in the California fire service. It's complicated and frustrating.

If you want a joyful career as a firefighter, you'll need a plan and mentors.


Our courses were designed by experienced firefighters excited to prepare the next generation of 911-responders.

Getting hired as a firefighter requires knowledge, skills, and an ability to perform under stressful situations.
You don't have the time or energy to burn making the same mistakes as others. To get hired, you need to always shine and know what you're doing. If only it were a simple "test day gone right."

Success goes far beyond memorizing flash cards or guessing interview questions.

Become A Firefighter with Captain Dave

Lessons are Step-By-Step and utilize revolutionary techniques found to increase retention and improve understanding.

Step 1- Class Summary "Quick Run" (podcast-style)

Step 2- Video Lecture

Steps 3 & 4- Supportive Reading and "Hero To-Do List" (homework)


Strengthen your foundation to be a Hero and the process of getting hired becomes second-nature.

Develop Hero-habits, find the fire-career of your dreams and master the selection process.

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Become A Firefighter with Captain Dave

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