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Interested in firefighting?

Captain Dave explains Jumpstart

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Does your child want to be a firefighter?

High school is the best time to get a jumpstart on preparing for a career in the fire service.
Getting hired as a firefighter is tough. It requires life skills ironed-out over years.
If only it were a simple "test day gone right."

Our series was designed to bring your child far beyond memorizing flash cards or guessing interview questions: our videos lift, inspire and motivate.
We become their mentor on how to be a firefighter in California. It works by preparing them for the role behind 911.

By knowing the Spirit driving Humanity's special forces, your child will be more-than-ready for test day.

Is your child interested in being a firefighter?

Help them gain a foundation for real-world experiences.

Sign up for the Firefighter High School Series only $0.99 cents per month.

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After enrolling, your cadet gets emailed monthly video lessons with some occasional homework.

Help us build your child into tomorrow’s hero.

Monthly Lessons

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