Fire Extinguisher

How to use.

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Your stuff...'s burning...

...Now what?

Fight for your life: extinguish small fires early.

Your Plan A and Plan B for getting out alive.

Easy enough to use, Fire Gone extinguishers can be in anyone's responsible hands.

UPDATE: Millions of fire extinguishers are being recalled by the manufacturer Kidde. They are deemed unsafe because they may not work during a fire.

Replace outdated and questionable extinguishers. A shipment contains two ready-to-deploy canisters so you can wipe out fire's momentum. Will your extinguisher be there when you need it? Fire Gone will.

Fire Gone is easy to use and can help prevent your possessions from going up in smoke.

Captain Dave from The Hero School demonstrates.

#1 Cause of House Fires: Cooking





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Could you stop a fire?

Water won't always work and can actually make the situation worse. An example would be a grease fire...say from...forgotten food.

Most house fires start in the kitchen. If your extinguisher is buried under your stinky sink, chances are it will be the fountain of glowing oil raining on your back which reminds you of what I'm about to say:

Extinguishers are best kept available and easy. This Hero Recommendation provides both because it can be stored on the countertop without messing with the decor (like the big clunky red things).

Get your new extinguishers by tapping the button above. *Not sold to California because of shipping regulations. We are an online California firefighter school promoting a product not available in California; it is THAT good!

All California residents: The Hero School is working to educate local legislators and hopes to soon extend this level of safety to you. Please GO HERE for our Cali-Approved extinguisher..(coming soon)

Kidde Manufacturing (makers of residential fire extinguishers) issued a recall covering over 33 million extinguishers made since 1973.  

If you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, (and it's crazy not to) pull it out and check the manufacturer; if it's made by Kidde, you should consider immediate replacement. Act now.

Get hired in the California fire service.

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