About Us

Our Hero Mission - To serve & safeguard humanity, (kids first).

Hero School Creator- Captain Dave Merino

Climate Change / Sea Level Rise (SLR) Adaptation Specialist

25+ years on California fire engines until injured in the line of duty.

During his mission, he spent 15+ years as Captain,

20+ years as Paramedic

Created volunteer paramedic program
Expert in fire service testing (hiring / promotions / probation)
MBA-Human Resources
Chief Officer Certified (CSFM)
Fire Officer Certified

FEMA Major Incident Management (IS-700/800)

Flood/Swiftwater Rescue Technician (Advanced)

Urban Search and Rescue Systems I & II

Auto Extrication Specialist

Former CPR/ACLS/PALS Instructor



Fought against unlawful employment practices (FFBOR/PERB/EEOC/TitleVII-CRA actions)
President/VP/Sec/Treasurer (union leadership roles)
Campaign Manager (local ballot/candidate)
Candidate/Ballot/Special-Purpose PAC (leader/treasurer)


Using his background to benefit the next generation of heroes, Captain Dave created The Hero School as a way for women and men to get fire service mentoring.

"All great people had mentors; they're inseparable nor hard to spot. It comes down to being either

1. the uncoachable-loner who never impresses, or

2. the highly prized & Prepared One. Which will you be? " Captain Dave

His skills as a first-out emergency responder in northern California encompass all aspects of the fire service including bargaining unit representation, disciplinary defense, elections and unlawful employment practices up to--and including--PERB citations, workers' compensation injuries, Federal Discrimination/Harassment lawsuit filings, grievances and lobbying against the threat of guns in fire stations.

If you want to get inside Humanity's "special forces", The Hero School is your best choice.

Are you ready?