Let U.S. Build an American Evacuation Camp

We are FEMA-ly

Let U.S. Build an American Evacuation Camp

(Captain Dave’s White Paper-in progress)



In this series, we research and design an ideal evacuation camp. Why?

Study after study shows that we are destined to face rising sea levels at scales and speeds unimaginable. It won't take many flooded cities before someone realizes: all of those people will go somewhere. Not need to go somewhere, but rather, will go somewhere. There will be a mass exodus of our brothers and sisters to higher ground. Where will we go?

So far, little research exists to accurately model the American masses’ rush to emergency exits. Can we expect bands of refugees in our parking lots and streets, with nowhere else to go? When the sea saturates freshwater tables and allows sewage to become buoyant, will millions still go about their business as if nothing is happening?  

How well do most humans run for their lives? Take a guess at what the average American survivalist is capable of when given no options. Our goal here is to create something with sustainability and hope. A beginning—though tough—will lead to an end. Our children need a future that doesn’t depend on luck or chance. If disaster strikes and Day One is spent in a tent, then there must be a means for people to stand back up and re-engage in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. The evacuation camp should not be finality. Designing the future as we wish it to be is our mandate; it’s the only way that the future can exist.

We will need relocation sites that don’t look

like this, or this, 

or this, or this,

or this.


Our sisters, brothers, kids, and mothers must survive, adapt, improvise, and overcome. It can be much easier for them with planning and preparation NOW.

So let’s prepare for our graceful retreat to higher ground, and still be American about it. 

Let’s create the blueprints for a camp that shelters the huddled masses yearning to be free once more. Will we lay down and cry, or rise up and be the capitalist survivors our framers envisioned? 

Now, from tent to house: our future rebuilt. 

This series is broken into five parts. 

“L - A B C D”: Each one is a critical component to ensure our survival. 

“L” stands for location; 

“A” is action;

“B” stands for basic needs; 

“C” is camp layout; and my favorite, 

“D” is designing for progression, AKA: upward mobility, AKA: Tent to Home.  

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