Looking To Become A Firefighter? (Read This First)

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Do you want a job as a firefighter? Do you already have a firefighter job and you want to keep it? The Hero School is for you!

Captain Dave has over 25 years experience ON A FIRE ENGINE in California. Engineer Lisa has 15 years as a paramedic in both urban and suburban departments.

Let their experience provide you with the knowledge to enter the fire service.

Don’t stop there! The Hero School will teach you how to navigate the many, upon many challenges headed your way. Captain Dave holds an MBA with an emphasis in Human Resources, he has held union leadership positions, negotiated memorandum of understandings, managed electoral campaigns and much more. 

With a network of seasoned experts, The Hero School is your authority on becoming a firefighter, getting the job, keeping the job and moving up the ladder (pun intended).


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