Firefighter Pilots Keep Calm During Insane Rescue

California Firefighter News:

Los Angeles Fire Victims Get FEMA Extension & Captain Dave Highlights An Amazing Rescue 

Affected by the devastating fires last year? You can still get help by applying for Federal Assistance. The deadline has been extended so act fast. Here is their web page:

FEMA Help Tap Here

Your deadline to request help has been extended. Learn how the process flows, HERE   FEMA Assistance Flowchart for victims of So. California fires

Pilot makes daring rescue during the Woolsey Fire

Captain Dave highlights what the news missed. Southern California Fire Location Of Helicopter Rescue

Background: The Woolsey Fire was a major incident that occurred in Malibu, (near Los Angeles) on November 11, 2018. It torched an area bigger than the entire city of Sacramento.

 Seen from space, check out the scar this monster left.California wildfire Los Angeles - Malibu 2018

A simple wind shift and Woolsey Takes Hollywood is born.

Los Angeles Firefighters Make Daring Helicopter Rescue 

Captain Dave: This is amazing! Imagine...

After making an airdrop to protect homes exposed to flames, Los Angeles Fire Department pilots Joel and David receive a call for help.

People are trapped in the path of a fast-moving inferno and their situation is made worse because of their location and timing.



Location: Victims are trapped on top of a hill directly in the path of a fire. Strong winds are pushing the fire faster. A deadly "burnover" is expected.

Timing: No other aircraft can help. Action must be taken otherwise people might die.

*Making matters worse, our pilots just learned they are nearing BINGO fuel, (barely enough to land).  <cue ulcer>

Watch their unbelievable teamwork in the video at the bottom. (For us pilots, take notes on Pilot Dave's genius ridgetop approach and aborted landing process.

L.A. residents are lucky to have these two hovering above. 


Don't miss the "ruff"-ride near the end.



Sure wish there was more we can do. Stay strong.

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