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    Ready To Enter The Special Forces Of Humanity?

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Courses For Every Hero

Ready To Enter The Special Forces Of Humanity?

About Us

At The Hero School, we teach fundamentals of being an Intelligent Hero

Founded by retired California Fire Captain Dave Merino, The Hero School is a multimedia educational resource developed around a single, critical goal: building a brighter, safer, happier future for EVERYONE. Not content with only training the next generation of first responders, Captain Dave aims to fuel the rise of a whole new era in emergency services. Guided by The Hero School and affiliated organizations, tomorrow’s fire agencies will be better in every way—better trained, better equipped, better financed, and better positioned to serve their communities. 

Educating the dreamers who aspire to Hero careers as firefighters and paramedics stands at the heart of The Hero School’s mission. We challenge all who pursue these dreams to rise above the pack as INTELLIGENT HEROES who will save countless lives in the years to come. 

Captain Dave’s commitment to educating firefighter Heroes and Hero-ic citizens is matched only by his passion for keeping children safe amidst the world’s hazards. With whimsical poems and bright illustrations, he helps kids learn critical safety skills with smiles on their faces.

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